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Most tourists prefer to arrive in Japan by plane to Haneda International Airport because it is an island.  But when tourists are traveling to or from Tokyo towards western Japan, many of them prefer the train. Train system in Japan is one of the best in the world, not expensive, fast and for sure is one of the best ways to get to know the country. This is a special kind of romance when you sit at a table in a compartment, hear the sound of wheels and look out the window where trees, fields and forests flash… If you have chosen this way to travel from Tokyo to Haneda, Youkogama or Osaka, the main railroad station for you will be Shinjuku Station. Also it could be a smart way to reach Narita airport  using the Sky Access line, Keisei line and JR line with changing train in Tokyo Station.
Its location is extremely convenient for tourists. Shinjuku Station is located in the special districts of Tokyo — Shinjuku and Shibuya — and serves as the main transport hub that connects central Tokyo to its western suburbs. In this regard, the workload of the station is very high: on average, it reaches 3 398 006 people a day! Thanks to this fact, Shinjuku railway Station is included in the Guinness Book of Records.
Shinjuku Station has 12 lines operated by 5 rail companies. You can get to anywhere in Tokyo from here, including Narita Airport, Yokohama, Nikko, and so on. Despite two hundred exits and fifty platforms, you will not get lost at this station because there are signs in English everywhere, and the polite staff is always happy to help you. In the immediate vicinity of the station there is also a bus stop and several shopping centers.
Getting from Shinjuku Station to any point in Great Tokyo is incredibly easy. But just if you already know Tokyo metro and rail system and can speak Japanese. Overwise would be to take advantage of our offer and order a taxi from Tokyo Taxi company. In just 40 minutes, a professional English-speaking driver will take you anywhere in Tokyo. In addition, we have a fleet of luxurious Mercedes cars that look gorgeous both outside and inside. All cars undergo a timely scheduled inspection and are thoroughly cleaned. If you need to work or hold a business meeting online, this is possible thanks to the high-speed Wi-Fi, with which the interior of each car is equipped. We will ensure 100% comfort and safety of your trip and, if necessary, will organize a motorcade and ensure complete confidentiality.

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