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Tokyo is an amazing metropolis that harmoniously combines historical cultural monuments and cutting-edge technology. Here you can see both buildings and structures, intact since the reign of the emperors, and erected quite recently. The latter includes the Ariake arena.

Ariake Arena opened on February 3, 2020 following an event that brought together sports, culture and entertainment. The exterior of the building has an unusual appearance: the concave roof reduces the interior space, and thus the need for air conditioning and lighting is reduced.

The upcoming events to be held at Ariake Arena were the volleyball tournament at the Olympics and the wheelchair basketball tournament at the Paralympic Games. Subsequently, the arena will become a new center of entertainment, sports and culture for all residents of the city of Tokyo.

It is worth noting the attention and care with which the architects approached the construction of the Ariake Arena. The facility is designed to be accessible to everyone, including the elderly, people with disabilities, parents with children and guide dogs. Thus, the number of viewers can reach approximately 15,000 people.

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