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If you are interested in sports, if you want to diversify your visit to galleries, museums and exhibitions with something atypical for tourists, then you should definitely visit Musashino Forest Sport Plaza (武 藏 野 森林 運動 廣場).

Musashino Forest Sport Plaza is a multifunctional sports arena recently built to host the Olympic competitions. Musashino Forest Sport Plaza is located near the Tokyo stadium in Chofu. At the moment, the capacity of the Musashino Forest sports ground during the games is 7,200 spectators. In the future, the capacity of the main hall will be increased to 10,000 spectators. In 2020, the competitions in badminton, fencing in the framework of

modern pentathlon and Paralympic basketball were supposed to be held here, but, unfortunately, they were canceled and postponed to the next year.

There are several attractions near Musashino Forest Sport Plaza that can be a nice addition to your trip to this sports arena. The most famous of them can be called the museum of anime studio, Ghibli Museum. This museum is so popular that it is necessary to book tickets in advance. For anime fans, a visit to Ghibli museum is a must!

After visiting the museum, take an unforgettable walk in Inokashira Park. If you come here during cherry blossom time, you will get incredible aesthetic pleasure. There is a pond in the center of the park where you can ride water bikes in the shape of swans. Children will be interested in visiting a small zoo in the park.

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