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There are many fans of sports and, in particular, football, among the tourists who come to Tokyo. The greatest interest among all the attractions for them is, of course, sports facilities: stadiums, museums and much more. If you are also interested in sports, we recommend that you visit one of the events that are held at the National Stadium of Japan.

The National Stadium of Japan is the stadium that hosts most of the sports events in Japan in athletics and football. Its construction on the site of the old stadium took three years. The project was designed by Kengo Kuma. Now it is a huge seven-story arena (five floors above the ground and two below) with an area of 69,600 square meters. In total, the

stadium can accommodate about 70,000 people, and during the planning and construction special attention was paid to the infrastructure for people with disabilities.

The design of the stadium is also quite unusual. It is based on the traditions of national Japanese architecture in the style of “tree and green”, and you can also see the motives of buildings in the medieval style. It is important to note that during the construction of the stadium its location was taken into account, so its layout fits very well into the surrounding landscape.

The nearest large-scale events to be held at this stadium were the XXXII Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, but, for obvious reasons, they were postponed.

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