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Have you ever dreamed of measured romantic walks near the water’s edge for a long time, but never got an opportunity to make this dream come true? Come to Odaiba Marine Park (禦台場海洋公園) and immerse yourself in the peaceful natural atmosphere.

Odaiba Marine Park was opened on December 1, 1975. Both locals and travelers from all over the world have loved it very much since then. No wonder they say that Odaiba is one of the most popular places in all of Japan. Here, futuristic buildings are in perfect harmony with the landscape of the quiet cove, the shore of which is strewn with velvety sand. Odaiba Marine Park is never boring, you can spend time here with interest and benefit for yourself at any time of the year.

Many tourists who have visited the Odaiba Marine Park as one say that it is so calm and comfortable here that you can easily forget about all the pressing problems and dissolve in peace. By the way, students come here before exams to calm down and tune in to their successful passing. Magnificent views of the main attractions of Tokyo open in Odaiba Marine Park literally from everywhere: from the beach, from grassy lawns and, of course, from the observation deck.

Odaiba Marine Park is the perfect destination for any tourist. If you have never been here before, then do not miss this opportunity. The “Tokyo Taxi” company is happy to provide you with a transfer service from anywhere in Tokyo to Odaiba Marine Park. Our professional drivers will take you there in minutes. Rest assured, you will be very pleased with the trip, because our cars are in perfect condition, comfortable seats will help you truly relax, and high-speed Wi-Fi will help you work or hold an online conference. Also, there is clean drinking water, air conditioning and child seats if you are traveling with children, in the interiors of our cars. If you have some additional requests, do not forget to

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